Feb 2018: Sibling Spotlight | Sandu x2

Ashley Sandhu
pc: Ryan Dix

Ashley Sandhu pc: Ryan Dix

Ashley Sandhu pc: Ryan Dix

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“The best thing about having her on campus is that I start my day off going to school with her,” said Salena Sandhu about her younger sister Ashley. “We can talk about similar things going on and we are able to help each other.”

The girls look alike so people know they are related and that can sometimes be a problem. “A lot of people I barely know know me because of my sister,” said Ashley.

The girls are only a year apart and have attended pre-school, elementary and middle school together as well. They might go to community college together, but don’t know whether they’ll attend the same university after that. “After graduation, I plan on going to college,” said Ashley. “I want to be a labor and delivery nurse.”  Salena also wants to follow a career in nursing. “I want to be a nurse practitioner,” she said.

The sisters share some common interests but they also have some that are theirs alone. “I love shopping and cooking,” said Salena. “I usually cook for fun or watch movies.” Ashley also likes movies – romance, action and adventure – as well as cooking. Salena isn’t a member of any school clubs or sports, but she does attend monthly Nurse Ambassador meetings in Mr. Rick McKinney’s room. Ashley, on the other hand, is in the Medical Professionals Club.

Salena will graduate from Armijo in June, but Ashley won’t be alone. Their younger brother Daniel will be coming to the campus as a freshman in the fall. The family has a very positive attitude and the sister believes that they are admired by each other. “I think my sister thinks I am an honest and kind person,” Salena said. “I love making people laugh. I like helping others and try to stay away from all the negative things. She would say I’m the type to keep my word if I say something because I like achieving my goals.”

Ashley said that she thinks Salena would call her “smart and funny, because I can always make her laugh and study really hard in school,” she said. Salena actually shared that Ashley is “the best sister anyone can have even though I can be annoying. She’s always by my side,” Salena said, “and I can always count on her. She’s basically my best friend!”

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Feb 2018: Sibling Spotlight | Sandu x2