Junior Class Vice President Barrett Enjoys the Experience

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Last year, when Zoe Barrett wanted to try something new, she didn’t just grab a
different type of soda at the counter or opt to binge-watch an unfamiliar television show.
She ran for class office and put catchy posters all over campus. Now, as Vice President
of the Class of 2019, she helps run meetings and plans class activities. “It was hard for
me to decide but throughout the year I just kept asking myself if it’s something I’m
willing to do. Her final answer was a resounding Yes! It’s good for this year, but Barrett
doesn’t plan to continue in student government after she graduates.
Barrett has been in The Armijo Signal before, featured as a member of the
volleyball team last year as a sophomore on the varsity team. She continues to play the
sport, contributing to school spirit in her own way. “One thing I would change [about
Armijo] is students’ idea of being ‘too cool’ for school spirit,” Barrett said. She tries to
change that perspective through her planning.

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Junior Class Vice President Barrett Enjoys the Experience