Jr. Class Treasurer Alex Moreno

Royce Guo, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Alex Moreno chose to join Leadership to support Armijo events and activities. “I
wanted the extra challenge, and wanted to be more of a change,” he said.
As treasurer, Moreno holds the important duty of managing funds and planning
fundraisers for prom, homecoming performances, and the Powder Puff game. “Being an
officer has taught me that I need to be better when it comes to managing my time; I
can’t procrastinate as I did the past,” said Moreno.
Moreno believes that the mission of Leadership in Armijo is to help change the
community for the better. “I want to bring everyone together,” he said. Being a member
of Leadership has also allowed Moreno to develop his abilities to speak publically and
work with large groups. “My most memorable moment as an officer was the first
meeting I had to run, because I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was, and I was
thankful to have people who helped me,” he said.
As treasurer, Moreno aims to tackle three main priorities: “I hope to improve
relationships between the students, grow event attendance, and create events that will
be liked by students,” he said. “We will go out and ask students outside of Leadership
for their opinions and ideas.” To tackle these goals, Moreno has supported new
methods of collecting student input, such as through the use of social media.
Moreno hopes to encourage fellow students to participate in more Armijo
activities. “Leadership puts on a lot of fun events, and you should never be
embarrassed to do any of them,” he said. Outside of Armijo, Moreno enjoys running,
watching Netflix, and playing video games.
“I wish that people would recognize the good things that we do,” said Moreno,
“Leadership is always trying to make Armijo a better place for everyone.”

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Jr. Class Treasurer Alex Moreno