Jan 2018 Volunteer | Grace Curry

Grace Curry

Grace Curry

Grace Curry

Jasmine Reyes, Photography Editor

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Grace Curry loves to play water polo but she also teaches science to elementary kids. Curry is part of the SET program of 4-H where she’s bringing science to the playing field. (SET stands for Science, Engineering and Technology.) SET is a program that fosters a science curriculum to after school programs by the voluntary work of teenagers.

Curry joined the program in her junior year and loved it so much that she decided to continue volunteering during her senior year. In fact, she has become site leader in which she holds the mantle of responsibility to organize the day filled with science activities.

“It’s really heartwarming to see kids come to the 4-H SET table to take part in the science experiment we have that day. I can never forget how their eyes lit up at the sight of the experiment of the day: snails!” said Curry. She volunteers every other week where she brings and presents a science experiment to youngsters for an hour at an after school program. It makes absolute sense that Curry has become a prominent part of this volunteering program as it aligns with her own aspirations in the science field.

Curry is excited to finish her senior year out strong with this exciting way to enlighten young kids of the wonders of science. “Science never ceases to amaze me. It’s a growing field that allows people to understand the crazy world around them in unimaginable ways,” Curry said. The children at the program are so young that it is great to expose their malleable minds to science. The science experiments that Curry brings to her after-school sites can range from creating paper rockets to revealing the science behind aerodynamics or organizing a snail race to reveal the science behind a snail’s biology. The excitement that these experiments stir proves that the program is enriching to the children that take part in the science experiment but also the 4-H teens such as Curry.

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Jan 2018 Volunteer | Grace Curry