Dec 2017: Teacher Feature | Ms. Edmonds

Raniya Bryant, Staff Writer

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Ms. Oneda Edmonds said that she has been at Armijo for so long that she “bleeds purple and gold.” She has been teaching at Armijo for 25 years and teaching high school students for almost 28 years. Before she arrived at Armijo in the mid 90’s, she taught her lessons at two other high schools. Before she became a teacher, she did a lot of secretarial work.

She is “dedicated, energetic and passionate about subjects [she] teaches,” she said. Ms. Edmonds was inspired to become a teacher when she herself was in high school. History was her favorite subject as a teen and she was really impressed by her teacher. This year she is teaching world civilizations, U.S. history and economics, another course she had enjoyed as a student. ”Some things I enjoy about teaching are the kids, being around them and their energy and when they get what you teach,” she said.

“I want to inspire students to be whatever they hope to be and to find what they hope to be one day,” she said. Classes and teachers can influence students tremendously, but the choices one makes in high school are not always evident in the direction students will go. Ms. Edmonds took drama for all four years of high school and she uses it in her teaching. She said that she wants people to remember her acting or drama skills that she has brought to the classroom.

When Ms. Edmonds isn’t fulfilling her teacher duties, she can be found “watching movies and reading,” she said. “The best thing I ever bought was a Kindle.” Now she can take her library with her wherever she goes.


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Dec 2017: Teacher Feature | Ms. Edmonds