New release: Grace Vanderwaal truly has talent

Grace Vanderwaal, America’s Got Talent Winner in 2016, released her second album on Friday, November 3. Vanderwaal is a 13-year old American singer and songwriter who became popular after stealing the stage of America’s Got Talent. Her brand new album, “Just the Beginning,” showcases her musical talent through acoustic instruments including piano, guitar, and her iconic ukulele. Her unique voice captures the ears of listeners of all ages.

The album presents 12 simple yet utterly catchy songs, from slow and emotional tunes to determined, heart wrenching tracks. In some of these songs, like “Escape my Mind” and “Just a Crush,” the young artist tackles the topics of teenage love and overcoming it in various ways. Songs like “So Much More Than This” and “Sick of Being Told” showcase the difficulties of being different from general teenage society. Vanderwaal tells her listeners that it’s better to be unique and live your life the way you see it, and not by anyone else’s rules. My favorite two songs, “Darkness Keeps Chasing Me” and “A Better Life,” describe Vanderwaal’s obstacles and struggles throughout life and how she powered through the difficulties. She sings, “Create yourself your own life, let the wind blow through your hair, and let the music take you there,” lyrics that show how she escaped from hardships and how her listeners can do it, too.

The new album is stunning, relatable, catchy, and it just leaves a feel-good mood. “Just the Beginning” is truly just the beginning of what this young girl has to offer to the music industry. It is a breath of fresh air to hear music with strong messages with a minimalistic melody, simple instrumental accompaniment, paired with emotional lyrics. With just her voice and a ukulele, Grace Vanderwaal can teach everyone, young and old, what life is really has in store for us and how we can strive to be ourselves.