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Can you guess who our Mystery Person is before November 15? Let’s find out if the clues add up. This junior has been attending Armijo since fall of his freshman year. He likes to draw, but he also likes to do other things like play electric guitar, although “I’m not very good at them,” he said.

“I am most proud of all the good things I’ve done in life, like be nice to people and show support for the people who have suffered,” he said. “I will put effort into all my positive things in life and I’ll continue to be the kind, caring and supporting person that I am… Anger is never the answer and I would never use it.”

The Mystery Person plans to go to college somewhere near Bakersfield to study radiology. His family is moving to Bakersfield next year. If he won $1 million in the lottery, he said that he would probably buy a house, spending between $350,000 and $500,000 and then buy a Ferrari 458 Italia. The rest he would save to spend on smaller things. If those winnings don’t come soon, the Mystery Person said that he would get a small job to get his own money while he studied in college.

Maybe some other clues will make this clearer. For starters, his older brother graduated in 2017. The Mystery Person is in AVID but not involved in any sports or special activities. His favorite color is blue, his favorite foods are Thai and shrimp and he likes to listen to modern rock as well as hits from the ‘80s and 90s. He likes to watch anime and his favorite tech is from Samsung. He likes medical and art topics.

The Mystery Person from October 15-31 was Thao Huynh who remained a mystery during the last two weeks.

If you know the Mystery Person for these two weeks, be the first person to go to G-10 to identify him. You will receive a free movie ticket at Edwards Theater. Only one prize per issue will be awarded. Journalism students or club members and Armijo teachers and staff do not qualify. Armijo’s Mystery Person will be presented between September and May. Submission cannot be taken during class time but will be accepted between classes, before and after school.

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Nov 2017 | Mystery Person | Connect the Dots, Win the Movie Ticket