Nov 2017 | At Work | One student who is really Driven



Annamarie Vigil, Staff Writer

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Fast food, retail stores and even amusement parks, when teens look for jobs, they generally find themselves applying at these types of businesses, but that’s not the course that Angela Cessna took when she sought out her most recent job. For the last seven months, Cessna has been working at Driven Raceway, an activity center near the mall.

During last year’s holiday season, Cessna worked as a cashier at Target as a cashier but she prefers her current position at Driven Raceway.  “It’s really easy when it’s not busy,” she said. “We get to just hang around and go on our phones.”

Cessna had been looking for a job since she was 16 and not too long after her seasonal job at Target was over, she began to miss having her own money, so she began applying to other jobs, including Hot Dog on a Stick, TJ Maxx, Sears, JC Penney’s and, eventually Driven Raceway.

She had chosen the last place when she was there with her family and noticed that they were hiring. They then told Cessna to print an application online and bring it back. After that, they gave her an on-the-spot interview. The manager began by stating that he was mean and strict, but that didn’t scare her off. He asked a lot of questions mostly about customer service and then hired Cessna on the spot. Her persistence paid off and she’s stayed with the company for more than half a year.

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Nov 2017 | At Work | One student who is really Driven