Volunteer of the Month: Jasriya Kukreja

Rajveer Sahota, Staff Writer

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Jasriya Kukreja is one example of a great citizen. She volunteers at the Leaven, a free program for low income families. The organization provides after school opportunities for young students, assisting them with homework help and other activities. The Leaven has sites all across the states, serving students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Kukreja began volunteering at this site for many reasons. For one, she loves working with kids and helping them succeed in school.  Kukreja also wanted to have some experience for future jobs and/or internships. “The thing that I like about the program is that it is free, which means that most of the kids, who do not come from very rich backgrounds, can receive help, knowledge , and hope to have a better future,” she said. “The other thing I like is the kids as they come from so many different backgrounds and cultures, which gives me a lot to learn.”

Other things that interest Kukreja about the projects include the site director, the classrooms, and more. “There is way too much to name,” she said.

The thing that has given Kukreja  the greatest personal satisfaction in her volunteering is helping kids who have come back to her and said, ”Thank you for being here and helping me get a good grade!” That way she knows that she is changing the world little by little.


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Volunteer of the Month: Jasriya Kukreja