Can She Do It All?

Herston focused, eyes on the ball
Herston focused, eyes on the ball

After interviewing student Lucy Herston, I learned more about her thoughts and feelings about being a student-athlete outside of school. I chose Herston due to her outstanding academics and her astounding softball expertise.

Why do you play a sport outside of school and do you enjoy your sport?

I started by asking her a few questions, and she responded, “Softball has helped me branch out and learn about different people’s goals and perspectives. I love my sport, it teaches me that working hard does pay off, and that communication and teamwork are very important.” She then went on to talk about how much this sport has allowed her to gain friends, communication skills, and determination. 

Does athletics affect your academics?

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Shortly after, we discussed how her academics were affected by athletics. Herston has a 4.0 GPA and is excelling in her classes. Herston said, “Although I do love softball it can still be very stressful. I get home late almost every day and sometimes it is difficult to focus on my schoolwork because I have situations from practice on my mind.” 

How time-consuming is your sport? 

Softball is very time-consuming, on the weekends when I have tournaments I have to do my homework whenever possible like in between games and during downtime. During the week on practice days, I have to stay up very late, anywhere from 1-3  AM in order to get my assignments done,” she said following her last statement.  She expressed that even though on paper she looks extremely studious, times get hard, but she still manages to persist. Her perpetual determination amazes many. 

What got you into your sport?

I started playing softball when I was 5 because my mom signed me up for a local league. I definitely wanted to quit many times but my mom forced me to continue and I am very grateful for that.

Do you wish to have never got into your sport?

I don’t, I love softball, it has opened up so many opportunities for me and I just overall enjoy it. I love that feeling I get when I do something right and it is just fun to be good at something.

Does not playing your sport affect your mental health?

During my off-season, I get very bored and tend to do other physical things like running or going to the gym. I like having a busy schedule and without it, I tend to waste my time on my phone which makes my mental health decline.

Lucy Herston was a great person to interview to get insight into what it takes to be a student-athlete outside of school. She not only highlighted the fun parts of it but also the human struggles she endures. Despite her struggle, she finds the best in her situation and can maintain a high GPA and great morals. I think we can all learn a little something about time management, determination, and overall optimistic behavior for Lucy Herston. 

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