What Makes Fall an Enjoyable Season?

Fall greets us with a cool breeze
Fall greets us with a cool breeze
George W Johnson

I usually choose fall when thinking about which season I enjoy the most. I enjoy it mainly because the weather is cold. It is also a wonderful time to begin wearing jackets, sweaters, or scarves to prepare for the cool weather that comes with winter. Fall is also filled with many festive holidays that many people love celebrating. 

People like fall because most dislike the heat that summer brings. During the summer months, the air may be dry and stuffy. Unlike summer, during fall the air is crisp, cool, and sharp. During other seasons clothes may be swayed to better combat heat but during fall, fashion options expand. This includes sweaters, boots, hats, and scarves. Fall can also bring a certain feeling of warmth and comfort that helps people better reflect on themselves. 

Personally, during fall I enjoy the suspense that comes with waiting for holidays and being able to celebrate with family and friends. Visiting family during the holidays is an enjoyable time that I look forward to when fall starts. Enjoying baked goods while watching your favorite fall-themed movies is a great way to spend time during this time of year. Unlike fall, the other seasons don’t have as appealing activities as fall. 

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