What you need to know to do it right

Everything you need to know about graduation ceremonies and more.

Everything you need to know about graduation ceremonies and more.

Please read the following information thoroughly and save this memo for future reference.

Finals: Seniors will take their finals prior to June 8. See your teacher(s)/counselor if you are in danger of failing a required class for graduation. All semester grades are final.

First Graduation Rehearsal: The first graduation rehearsal will take place on Brownlee Field at Armijo High School, on Tuesday, June 6, from 3:30 – 5:45 pm. This is a mandatory rehearsal, and you must be on time. If you do not plan to participate in the graduation ceremony, inform your counselor and Mr. McMorris’ office immediately. You must attend all rehearsals in order to have a place in the line-up. If you miss a rehearsal, we will assume you will not participate in the commencement ceremony. No food or drink is permitted on the field. Students may have bottled water. 

Second Graduation Rehearsal: The second graduation rehearsal will take place during school on Thursday, June 8, from 8:30am – 11 am, this rehearsal is mandatory. No food or drink is permitted on the field. Students may have bottled water.  

  • We are distributing tickets at the second graduation rehearsal. 
  • Each graduate will receive 4 tickets. 
  • No one will be admitted onto the Armijo campus without a ticket, and per the fire code all children including infants will require a ticket.
  • Students must have their I.D. in order to pick up tickets.

Graduation Ceremony: Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 6:00pm sharp at AHS’ Brownlee Field Football Stadium. 

  • Students enter through the black gate in the front of the school between B and C wing. 
  • Students are required to meet on fire road at 4:30pm to line up. 
  • Students will be checked by staff.
  • The ceremony will last approximately one hour.
  • No food or drink is permitted on the field. Students may have bottled water.

After the Ceremony: All parents and guests must remain in the designated areas throughout the ceremony and until after the seniors march out. We ask that parents meet students in the designated meet-and-greet area in the Library quad after the ceremony. Parents/guests may not enter the field or disrupt the processional or recessional.


Parking: Guest parking will be available in the student parking lot or the street. We have limited disabled parking spaces on the basketball blacktop, accessible from the gate by the tennis courts.

Appropriate Dress:  All seniors participating in the ceremony must wear a cap and gown. Please wear comfortable, dressy clothes under your cap and gown. No inappropriate foot-wear is permitted; students cannot wear heels (wedges are ok). 

Etiquette: Graduation is a festive, memorable and distinguished occasion where you, as a graduate, will have your moment honored and recognized. Please be respectful of yourself, your classmates and all families in attendance during the graduation ceremony, especially when names are being read. Graduates will enter and leave the stadium in a dignified and orderly fashion and will remain seated quietly during the ceremony. 

Photography: Professional photography will be provided. Photographs will be taken of the graduates. Only graduates will be allowed in the graduate area during the ceremony. These photos can be purchased from Collegiate Studios in Vacaville. More information on how to order will be posted to our site following graduation. 

Balloons and Signs: In order to be considerate of all guests, no balloons and/or signs are allowed in the stadium.  

Fees: In order to avoid any delays in receiving your diploma all fees and/or fines should be paid prior to the last day of school. The treasurer will also be present on Monday, June 12th and Tuesday, June 13th during normal school hours to accept any payments prior to a student receiving their diploma.

Senior Survey: Each year Seniors have to complete an FSUSD District Senior Survey outlining their future plans. This includes listing colleges applied to, accepted to and identifying which college you will be attending. Students attending Community College will also list their college of choice. Military-bound students will identify which branch, and students going straight into the workforce will also list their plans. An email has been sent to all 12th grade parents and students with the link to the survey.

Diploma Pick Up: Diplomas will be distributed during graduation practice on June 8th. After June 8th, diplomas can only be picked up in person from Mrs. Villanueva. To schedule an appointment, please email [email protected]. When you pick up your diploma, you will need to bring your photo ID or you will not be able to receive your diploma. No photocopies or pictures of your ID will be accepted. Your diploma can only be picked up by you, the graduate.

Transcript Requests: All seniors requiring a final transcript will need to place their request for a final transcript through Naviance. Please note, no transcript orders will be filled until after June 12, 2023.  All orders through Naviance must be placed by June 26th. If you need to request your transcript thereafter, please visit https://www.parchment.com/ to place your order. All transcripts ordered through parchment.com start at a cost of $5.65 per transcript. Please direct any questions regarding transcripts to Registrar, Lori Villanueva, [email protected].