Preserving the memories is important

In This Class: Yearbook


At the end of this year, this class shares its product with the world.

Ms. Renee Deger just finished teaching yearbook for the second year. She started teaching yearbook because she enjoys being part of the yearbook and creating it. This class, which is offered to 10th-12th graders, counts as an art and an elective for graduation requirements.

The class consists of organizing and publishing the school yearbook. Abilities in art, copywriting, typing, layout, photography and Macintosh skills are desirable. Reliability, organizational skills and willingness to work extra hours to meet deadlines are a must.

“Yearbook is important because it documents a year in the life of the school,” said Ms. Deger. In yearbook, students develop skills like writing, publishing and photography. Yearbook can be a lot of fun, but it does have some difficult parts, such as deadlines. Students meet deadlines for submission, and all the work has to be done on time, which can be stressful. “An easy part of yearbook is taking pictures, since everyone wants to be in them,” said Ms. Deger.

Another challenging thing about yearbook is the students have to go to all the school events, like the Color Run and football games, so that they can have the information necessary to create a visual spread. There are students from yearbook at all the events, taking pictures and asking people questions for stories.

The class environment is very relaxed because it’s not like a normal class where students get a lesson a day and the teacher lectures while the students do work. In yearbook, there are different people working on different things at different times throughout the year.

Yearbook is an easy class for students who stay on top of things. If you are creative, like writing, and photography, then yearbook is the place for you!