Baseball has been very good to him

Athlete focus – Ben Parks, Varsity Baseball

For most of his life, Ben has been playing baseball in some for or another.

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For most of his life, Ben has been playing baseball in some for or another.

Viridiana White, Sports editor

Ben Parks love spending time at the gym because physical fitness is important to him and he wants to stay fit for his future in the construction industry, but one of his other interests is baseball.

Parks grew up in Fairfield and fell in love with the sport early on, when he was only four years old. He saw his father play, and he started to develop a love for baseball early on. His favorite thing about baseball is the way it is more of a mental game, it teaches him confidence means everything.

He spent this year on the Varsity Baseball team and drew close to his teammates. He described his team differently from the others because of their bonding. They all hang out with each other on and off the field. It’s a normal thing for Coach Casey Towner to take them out to eat, giving them team memories that they’ll never forget.

Park’s favorite warm-ups for baseball were stretching, long toss, sprint, followed up with some batting practice.

“Baseball, in general, is a great sport to play,” he said. “It’s fun and gives you the ability to learn how to work as a team. Not only that, but you get to meet amazing teammates and coaches along the way.”

Like most sports, it is more of a metaphor for life and Parks recognizes that. “Whether it’s baseball or anything you want to do in life, make sure to give it your all,” he said.