Twins take in graduation together

Sibling Spotlight – Fernando & Vanessa Vidales

Parents have to make plans to treat their children fairly. When they attend the graduation for one child, they need to make sure that they also attend the ceremony for their other children. Sometimes that means setting aside time years later, or making sure to attend the advancement ceremonies for each child from kindergarten, sixth grade, and middle school.

This has been relatively easy for Mr. and Mrs. Vidales, because their two children have been promoted side by side since the beginning, and this year they will be graduating from high school together.

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“I think the best thing about having your sibling there at the same school is always counting on each other if anything was to happen or needed them quickly,” said Vanessa Vidales. “ A lot of people know we are twins. We only shared one class with each other and sometimes we would talk and play games with each other because we had each other.

Vanessa’s experience with her brother Fernando may be different from most siblings who share the campus, but it is not always easy. “The worst thing is probably if you’re trying to hide something, you can’t, but I’m always honest,” she said.

“Our whole lives we went to the same school, since we’re the same age, and maybe we’ll be at the same college, but we have different intentions with our careers.” She plans to take a year off from school before going to college, and during that year she plans to continue her lash business and hangout with her boyfriend and her family.

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If Fernando had responded to the interview, Vanessa thinks he would have described her with “a dry response, because he’s very chill.”

Still, she’s happy to have her walking ahead of her in graduation after spending so many years growing up together. “It’s pretty cool how we’re twins,” she said. [I am] “forever thankful to have him along beside me throughout the school years and ending it together with our graduation [is] very exciting.”