What would you do to go home?

DVD Review – Small Soldiers


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It’s been 25 years, but its still something worth watching.

Small Soldiers is about Alan (played by Gregory Smith), a teenager who decides to buy a set of Commando Elite action figures, but he is unaware that they have been programmed with military technology. When he discovers this, he has to decide how to deal with the toys as they wreak havoc in his world.

There is two different toy sets, one called Commandos and the other called Gorgonites. The Commandos, the main villains of the movie, are led by Chip Hazard (voiced by Tommy Lee Jones) and the Gorgonites are led by Archer (voiced by Frank Langella). The goal of the Commandos is to destroy the Gorgonites, who are peaceful creatures who just want to go home.

“Hilariously entertaining, Small Soldiers delivers an adventurous and action-packed film… There’s a ton of talent in both the regular and voice casts. The special effects are also pretty remarkable, particularly the CGI and animatronics. Yet the script is a bit weak, and has trouble managing all of the characters and subplot. And, the comedy becomes cartoonish near the end. But even with its flaws, Small Soldiers is a fun filled comedy with some clever satire on the toy industry,” said a Super Reviewer at rottentomatoes.com. .

The movie was first released in 1998 and directed by Joe Dante. A petition is being circulated to create a sequel, 25 years later. If you’d like to add your name to it, visit this website: https://www.change.org/p/dreamworks-let-s-see-small-soldiers-2.