Counseling is only one of her skills

Meet the Counselor – Ms. Kim Mihelich

Ms. Milehech is always willing to help her students.


Ms. Milehech is always willing to help her students.

Ms. Kim Mihelich enjoys much more than being an amazing counselor. She also enjoys baking, spending time with family, and spending time outdoors. She loves focusing on her students knowing all her students can be successful.

Ms. Mihelich became a counselor because she wanted to continue in education and the ability to work on a larger scale. As a counselor she helps ensure that students are successful in school and she helps the students in her care stay up-to-date with their credits. She also addresses their career paths and social-emotional health.

Experiencing a chance to help see students start believing in themselves is Ms. Mihelich’s favorite part of her job. Her caseload has changed a bit this year when the counseling staff was shuffled, but her primary students have last names starting from C-Go.

Before becoming a counselor, she worked at many summer camps and after-school programs. She got her Bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley and earned her Counseling degree at Sonoma State.

Being a counselor can take a toll on a person’s mental health but Ms. Mihelich recognizes that she should practice what she preaches and take her own advice. When she is giving advice to students, she encourages them to believe in themselves and to reach out for help because truly we all need each other. Her advice for seniors as they are approaching graduation is “ to enjoy right now and embrace the journey to the real world.”