Your words can make someone’s day

Say Something Nice Day – June 1


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Imagine the smile you could put on someone’s face.

Spreading positivity is much needed in these times. Even small gestures like giving a compliment or sharing a smile as you pass by a stranger can change a person’s day. This year, make it your goal to make the most out of a wholesome holiday, National Say Something Nice Day, on June 1.

The main focus of this holiday is to encourage people to stand up against bullying and bring more common courtesy to the world by saying nice things to people. In 2006,the mayor of North Charleston, South Carolina, Keith Summey, declared first day of June Say Something Nice Day in honor of the day’s creator and communication expert Dr. Mitch Carnell.  Below are some ways we can celebrate!

  1. Enjoy the day by being kind to everyone you come across. Always keep in mind that if you can’t say something kind, say nothing at all.
  2. Set aside your small grudges and attempt to recognize the good in those who you typically find objectionable on this day.
  3. Give a friend, relative, or coworker a message or do something kind for them.

If you simply show kindness to everyone—friends, enemies, and complete strangers—you will realize that you feel a lot better about yourself!