Four-legged felines are all the rage!

June is National Adopt a Cat Month


Image by Dim Hou from Pixabay

With summer coming, a new pet might be just what you need.

While June is known as the mark for the start of summer, it’s also National Adopt a Cat Month. Why a whole month dedicated to this, though?

Many cats are often left in shelters and don’t have a home. Cats also often have a litter of kittens around June and this increases the numbers of cats without a home, so it’s important to help them find a loving place where they will be cared for.

According to National Day Calendar, “The American Humane Association started Adopt a Cat Month in 1974.” This makes National Adopt a Cat Month exclusive to the U.S. Every June many felines have difficulty finding a home, but National Today states that “during National Adopt a Cat Month, every June, hundreds of felines find a forever home, thanks to the constant campaigning done by numerous cat lovers across the U.S. Since June is considered kitten season, a lot of cats end up homeless when their owners are unable to find them a home.”

It’s important that cats are able to find a home as being in shelters affects them rather negatively. Maddies Fund said, “Shelters can be very stressful places for cats, leaving them prone to physical and behavioral problems like weight loss, over-grooming, self-trauma, aggression, withdrawal, bladder problems and upper respiratory infections.” This reduces their chances of being adopted which is why it’s important we’re able to find a comfortable home for these cats.

As mentioned earlier, June is also known as the kitten season when many kittens are born. The kittens being stuck in shelters for long periods of time can also harm them. If you’re considering adopting a cat or kitten, you should definitely go for it in June. You may be giving the cat a home and love that’s been very much needed.