Steps to take for graduation success


Many of you are asking about how to request transcripts. We use a program called Naviance for requesting ALL official transcripts.

Many of you are having difficulty requesting transcripts through Naviance. Naviance has changed the way it is done. The instructions and videos are incorrect on the flyer that was posted in your Google Classroom. Please refer to the updated final task flyer and watch the video shared on Google Classroom. To log into your Naviance Account: (Go to the student icon, you do not have to register.)

User name: Your student ID #  (i.e. s1234567)

Password: Your 8-digit Date of Birth (02022021)

Please refer to the Senor Task Flyer for all other information and instructions. You can find a copy of it with clickable links in your student email from [email protected], delivered on Tuesday, May 30.