Powerpuff is back!

Powder Puff – June 2

Your team shows a lot of class.


Your team shows a lot of class.

Powerpuff is back! Get ready to watch an exciting game of flag football with the girls on the field and the boys in their cheerleading garb on the sidelines.

Leadership teacher Mr. Casey Towner has scheduled the event for Friday, June 2. There will be a rally after school that day and the first game, Freshmen vs. Sophomores, will take place at 4:30 pm. This is considered the Junior Varsity (JV) game. 

Following that game is the big event, Juniors vs. Seniors, starting at about 7 pm. This is considered the Varsity game.

For those unfamiliar with flag football, it is when the players have two flags attached to their waists. The game will continue as if they were playing usual football, but instead of tackling, the opposing team simply has to remove flags from the player with the ball. While it is not as brutal as regular football, it moves just as fast and can be just as exciting.

Teams started practicing on May 22 and students were only allowed to miss one of the four practices if they wanted to play, so the athletes are already competitive. Students can cheer from the sidelines, remembering that the JV teams will meet up again in the spring of 2025, so keep an eye on the winners and see if they’re able to have a repeat performance two years from now.