Spencer Merodio just can’t keep still

Off-Campus Athlete: Spencer Merodia – Swimmer and more

In the water and on land, Spencer can do it all.

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In the water and on land, Spencer can do it all.

Braylen Saechao, Staff writer

One of his many activities is competitive swimming, something he does to add a little bit of spice to his life. “I have always loved swimming, but [I didn’t get into competition] until my friend’s family convinced my mom to get me into competitive swimming,” he said. “I’ve been doing it for about 12 years, and I still do it to this day because I love the sport and the people in the sport.” 

Even though he has been doing it for most of his life, Merodio still enjoys the challenges of the sport, “especially getting into shape. However, the atmosphere is really supportive, as well as the coaching and teammates being helpful,” he said.

Merodio really enjoys his time doing anything that keeps him busy. “I play golf also, and I used to play water polo,” he said. “Nowadays, I’m pretty hooked up on games, also. I just like to do anything that involves me concentrating.”

This interest in concentration isn’t limited to athletics, though. “I’m also going to college next year, and I’m going to be studying Computer Science,” he said. “I am not sure if I want to pursue a career in competitive swimming, however I think it would be pretty fun to be a coach or something like that later on.” And if that falls through or no longer sparks his interest, he’ll have that degree in Computer Science, and that will take him far.