Arias knows that softball is a hit

Off Campus Athlete: Angel Arias, softball

Softball helps Angel feel involved and active.

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Softball helps Angel feel involved and active.

Angel Arias chose to go into softball “because I thought it would be fun and I’ve been playing since I was really young,” she said. “I practice at school and at my house in my garage and any park, really. My experience with softball has been good and fun but also difficult. I have definitely had to work for everything I’m good at today.”

Playing softball for the Royals has been a great experience that she would encourage others to consider. “There are plenty of experienced people on the team and we can all help each other get better,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what the next season brings. I know I’m going to have so much fun!”

Arias is a natural athlete and participates in both basketball and swimming. “I don’t play those sports for Armijo, but I might next year,” she said. Swimming has come in handy for Arias. “I’m getting my license to be a lifeguard.”

While athletics seem to come naturally to her, she also is a musician. “I play the guitar, bass, ukulele, and the piano,” she said.

Arias has a few people who have inspired her, including her father and her cousin Adam. “They both are very strong-willed, hard-working people and they are always working towards their goals,” she said. Because of their inspiration, she has decided to get a college degree in a field where she can help people. She’s just not sure what that future looks like yet.