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College Focus: Blake Austin College

No need to worry about housing because this school is in Vacaville.

Student Handbook

No need to worry about housing because this school is in Vacaville.

Are you looking for a college close to home? Maybe one that offers a vocational nursing program, dental assisting, a clinical medical assistant with a phlebotomy program, or simply a college to continue your education to a higher level? Then, this is the place for you!

Blake Austin College is a healthcare college located in Vacaville. It specializes precisely in all the areas mentioned, such as dental assisting, nursing, and phlebotomy. According to their website, Blake Austin College aims to “is to provide each student with a quality educational experience in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence. Our hands-on approach supports the student from the introduction of training through employment. We are dedicated to providing educational programs that are relevant to current employment demands. Staff is challenged to administer to each individual and is receptive to their needs, ability, and capacity to learn. To do what is right for the right reason… to help a fellow human being succeed with confidence, respect, and dignity”. They have a strong commitment to integrity, creating a focused team, contributing to the general human welfare, empowering others through accountability, as well as a belief in risk-taking. For more information, visit:

The admissions process at Blake Austin College is not too complicated, and the steps are the following:

Potential students are encouraged to come take a tour of the college and speak with an admissions representative to explore what career is the best fit. During that first visit with an admissions representative, candidates will complete an application for admission, get a tour of the campus, discuss career goals and interests, as well as introduce themselves to Blake Austin’s financial aid team to discuss affordability options. What students should bring to their first visit with an admissions representative is a high school diploma or GED certificate along with government-issued identification. In order to be officially enrolled to Blake Austin College, some pre-admission items need to be completed and verified, as well as the completion of financial aid packages and a signed enrollment agreement secured. Another important detail to keep in mind is that students must attend a general orientation prior to the first day of class and have the registration fee paid.

Some additional details that you need to know about Blake Austin College is that they offer flexible class schedules with its different programs, financial aid for qualifying students, as well as numerous scholarship opportunities!