Inspiration came from his father

Athlete Focus – Jahan Singh, Swimmer

Jahans love for swimming has motivated him to succeed.

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Jahan’s love for swimming has motivated him to succeed.

Jahan Singh has always been open to new hobbies and sports. Since he was young, he has loved the water and just how relaxing it can be. He feels it is the place he can really clear his mind and relax, but when he is swimming for the Armijo Royals, he is anything but relaxed.

Singh is focused in his lane during meets and suggests that new swimmers learn techniques to practice breathing, to get a rhythm in the water. “Don’t overthink,” he said. “Just have fun.” He knows that having steady breathing can help especially when swimmers aren’t wasting their breath and maintaining their energy instead. “Anybody can learn to swim,” Singh said. “Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be an experienced swimmer.”

If it wasn’t for the bond that Singh has with his father, he probably wouldn’t have jumped into the sport. He and his dad are really close and they like to try out hobbies together. Singh’s father wanted to try out swimming and Singh said, “Why not?” They had an amazing time swimming together until Singh’s father quit due to an injury. Still, Singh wanted to continue swimming and has been able to do so as a member of the Junior Varsity (JV) team.

He thinks it’s a fun sport that most people overlook. Singh also loves swimming because he has made friends on the team. “Having friends who enjoy and participate in the same sports or hobbies make it ten times more fun,” he said.