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Volunteer (Sajneet Chauhan – Sustainable Solano “Lentils with War & Peace)


Ronald Salas Solomon

Sajneet is already involved in volunteering with a purpose.

You’re never too young to start volunteering. Sajneet Kaur Chauhan is only a freshman, but she started giving of her time and energy this year when her teacher told her about an organization that works on developing sustainable agriculture.

“I chose to volunteer because I wanted to create awareness of how to live with sustainability and I wanted to learn culinary and gardening skills,” said Chauhan.” This was my first time volunteering so that I can get experience of how it’s like to volunteer.”

She’d like to see more students volunteering and she hopes that her experience helps create awareness and motivates people to follow her lead.

She’s only been volunteering since the beginning of the year and has learned that there are several protocols to go through to work in spite of COVID. “When I was volunteering there were a lot of vaccines to get rid of COVID and people started wearing masks so it didn’t impact that much,” she said.

“I would like to say, ‘Try your best to influence others and motivate students to get a good education. Be an inspiration in someone’s dreams,” she said.

With Harvard School of Medicine or UC Law in her line of vision, Chauhan knows that she has to do a lot of things to stand out. She isn’t involved too much in extracurriculars yet, but she is considering joining an Armijo sports team next year. That way, she can be an inspiration to the dreams of her teammates as well.