Senior spotlight: So long, farewell and more

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When Elijah Johnson first stepped foot on the Armijo campus as a student, he was just a freshman. The year was 2013 and he had no idea what would transpire over the next four years. Now, looking back, he can see the way he has changed but he can also see what he will miss after graduation. “The thing I will miss the most is playing late night Friday basketball games,” Johnson said.  He does plan on playing college basketball and “then working toward going D1,” he said.

Looking back, Johnson recognizes how important those first three years are, especially for mapping out the future. They are also important to the collection of memories. One of his most memorable games was during his junior year, for instance. That was the year that Rodriguez stormed the court but, in the end, Armijo won the game.

Johnson is the oldest of five. He has two sisters – Elanna (12) and Jazzy (8), and two brothers – Jaxon (5) and Levi (3 months). He’s learned several lessons over the last few years and wants to pass some advice on to those who are coming behind him. “No matter what you do, fully commit to it,” he said. “Work on your craft and set a goal and go achieve it.”

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Senior spotlight: So long, farewell and more