Club seaks to promote strengths

Club Focus – BSU


Join this month and help build the club in the fall.

Black Student Union (BSU) is a club that “promotes a positive representation of the African-American community on and off campus-as well as promoting student leadership, outreach, and empowerment,” according to the one of the adviser’s, Ms. Elizabeth Leaks, an English teacher.

The club is led by President Robert Slack and Vice President Alicia Marshall. They meet Tuesdays at lunch in E-7

The club has been official for several years. Before becoming the club adviser, Ms. Leaks was a “co-advisor,” but after the previous adviser stepped down, they suggested Ms. Leaks take over the club for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. As the club’s advisor her goal is to get students who don’t feel they fit in to join and create a safe space, as well as empower, support, advice and help these students with their future careers at the same time.

Although the club targets African-American students, anyone is welcome to join the club, especially in preparation of expanding the club for the 2023-2024 school year.

“Anyone can learn about Black history,” said Ms. Leaks. “The media portrays a negative perspective of Black people and this club switches the narrative and shows how we actually are.”

Every club meeting is started with a prayer said by Slack, followed by a check-in. Ms. Leaks understands the importance of mental health and by doing a check-in she is aware of how her students are feeling that day. The club then goes into a group discussion on a recent event the club put on or culture topic.

Besides encouraging the growth and perception of the African-American community, BSU looks excellent on college resumes and a student’s school transcript.

With all that being said, would you consider joining BSU next year?