From idea to production

In this class – Digital Video Production I & II


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This class is made up of creators and creating.

There’s one class that sets the Multimedia Academy apart, but it is actually two classes.

Both Armijo and Rodriguez High School offer Digital Video Production I (6255) and Digital Video Production II (6257).

In the first course, which is recommended for students after taking Computer Art and Multimedia I, meets the Visual & Performing Arts, Elective, and CTE requirements for graduation. It can also be used for either the “F” or “G” component of the UC / CSU requirements.

Students will learn the specialized vocabulary of the film and television industry and use it to express themselves clearly and concisely,” reads the Course Catalog. “Students will develop ideas individually or within a group, compose an outline/proposal, and write a script from their outline. Students will also write and produce live television shows in a variety of formats. Most important is the student study the art of filmmaking, and the creative process that precedes any film or television project. Students will study the impact of film and television on society from a social, economic, and political viewpoint, and learn to look at film and video using the tools of media criticism. Students will study the history of filmmaking and the technological and artistic advances in the art form. Considerable work outside of the school day will be required.”

The second year, students build on the concepts and skills learned in Digital Video Production I. “Students will learn advanced principles and techniques that apply to the pre-production, production and postproduction phases of videography.  Students will polish their skills to become filmmakers. An emphasis in the course is placed on learning about and preparing for careers in the film, TV and broadcasting industries.  Upon completion of this course students should have a portfolio of projects from different genres to present to potential employers,” the course catalog says.

Students who are interested in Digital Video Production should talk to Mr. Anthony Gonzalez in JS-1 who can share more about this exciting opportunity.