Supporting women’s educational goals

Deadline: May 17

Supporting womens educational goals

The Make Sense Foundation (MSF)Scholarship Program enables us to continue our mission to support women and children as they pursue their educational goals. We are proud to give back to the community and support the future success of deserving young women from all over the United States.

Winners will be chosen based on contributions to their community, academic excellence, future goals, financial need, and overall decorum demonstrated in essay submission as well as their video.

Application parameters:

  • Applicants must be female and currently living in the United States who is preparing to enter college (Virtual or in-person) in 2023.
  • Applicants were required to complete an application, submit an essay and a video.
  • Submissions were accepted through May 17, 2023, electronically, via mail, or in-person at the Burnett Mansion (MSF Headquarters).


  • The scholarship must be awarded on an objective and nondiscriminatory basis.
  • Scholarships open to females only
  • Applicants must provide proof of intention to enter an institute of higher learning in fall 2023
  • Scholarship may not be awarded to an officer, manager, or trustee of the Make Sense Foundation, a SeneGence employee, nor to a member of the MSF Scholarship Committee
  • Family members of these individuals are also not eligible to receive a scholarship
  • The group of applicants from which the recipients are selected must be sufficiently broad as to be considered a charitable class
  • To minimize the possibility of a student having his/her aid reduced, the Make Sense Foundation will authorize the use of the scholarship for any educational expenses and not restrict it to tuition only

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