Some math is especially challenging

In This Class – Pre-Calculus


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Only a select number of teachers can pass on an understanding of complicated mathematical equations.

Are you ready to take your math skills to the next level? Pre-calculus is an exciting and challenging course that can open up many opportunities to explore advanced mathematics.

Pre-calculus is a type of math that serves as a bridge between basic math and calculus. It is designed to teach students the skills and concepts necessary to understand and apply calculus principles. Students will learn how to use functions, trigonometry, vectors, and matrices to solve problems. In the class students typically work on problem sets and practice problems to reinforce the concepts taught in class.

This course is a yearlong advanced college prep course designed to meet more than the basic college-level entry requirements in mathematics.  It will include topics in algebraic, geometric, trigonometric, analytic, exponential, and logarithmic functions.  It will also cover additional topics including polar, conic, and systems of equations and inequalities, sequences and probability, vectors, and the use of technology to solve problems relating to the above-mentioned topics,” according to the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD) Course Catalog.

It is offered at Armijo as well as at Fairfield, Public Safety Academy and Rodriguez High Schools, and can be considered for either the C or the G requirement in the UC / CSU requirements.

While this is a higher level math class, it is recommended to be taken at the same time as Chemistry or Physics, both of which can be challenging science classes.

In order to take Pre-Calculus, however, students would have to have already taken their first two years of math, so it is usually only taken by juniors and seniors. The class is not required to graduate but it is recommended for students who plan to pursue a degree in mathematics or the sciences. Currently, the only teachers who have a Pre-Calculus class are Mr. John Stenger and Ms. Kirsten Tomko.

So do you plan on taking pre-calculus next year?