Banda Night was magical

The Banda Night event on Thursday, April 6 was great! I had gone to the event last year and had a great time, so my hopes for this year were high.

Last year there was a problem of long lines, but this year they solved that problem. They decided to make two lines, one for people who had already bought tickets and another for those who were just purchasing their tickets at the event.

While they only had one food truck this year (last year they had two), the food was still great. The truck sold drinks, tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and churros for dessert.

This year, they had two groups who came to the event. The first was Codigo 04, a really good group, and local to our school. The Banda they had was Desastres. They’re also a local Banda, and the members of the group were hyped and helped boost the crowd. All of the group’s energy made the event even better.

I had a great time and danced with friends. I enjoyed how you could bring family and friends to the event as well, I even had a cousin from far away join me and go to the event. I had a great experience and hope to go again next year.