Volunteering is just the beginning

Volunteer AJ Beuder, KROC Center

AJ enjoys giving both time and energy.

ID Photo

AJ enjoys giving both time and energy.

“I enjoy volunteering because I know it’s the right thing to do” said by AJ Beuder. He is an out-spoken sophomore who’s all involved in theatre events.

Beuder volunteers at the Kroc Center in Suisun City. He’s been volunteering there for about a year and a half now and enjoys it. “The Kroc Center is nearby to where I live and is a good experience,” he said.

Before volunteering, Beuder had been attending the Kroc programs for a long time, and it was the suggestion from a Kroc staff member that, since he is too old for the camps and programs, he can do some volunteer work.

When Beuder is not busy at school or volunteering, he enjoys playing video games like World of Warships and fantasy table-top games like Dungeons and Dragons. He also enjoys going to Mad Alpaca Games, a game store in Fairfield, California. If he could describe himself in three words, they would be “nerdy, boring, sad and stressed.”

On campus he’s in Theatre Club and a part of the Theatre Improv team. “If you can think of a theatre event, I’m probably in it,” he said.

In five years, Beuder sees himself either in culinary school or enlisted in the military. After earning his degree in culinary school, he wants to own his own restaurant. “I’d probably name my restaurant something basic like AJ’s Eats” he said.