Last minute prom information

HoCo nominations, ticket prices, more


Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Facts and figures for the upcoming festivities.

Prom will take place at Elks Tower in Sacramento on Saturday, April 29, from 7 – 11 pm. Elks Tower is located at 921 11th street. The theme for the event is A Night in Vegas.

Tickets are currently $80 but will go up soon! There have been 150 tickets sold and the first 100 were priced at $60. The next 200 tickets (#101-300) are being sold at $80 each and the final price will be $100 per ticket! So make sure to buy them as soon as possible!

If your dance bid was denied, you can try again starting Monday, April 24. They will start accepting those students who have made positive changes the past six weeks!

The last day to purchase a ticket is Wednesday, April 26.

Here is the nomination form for prom royalty. Every junior and senior can nominate a Senior King and Queen as well as a Junior Prince and Princess (regardless if you are going to prom).

We will take the top five nominations and put them on a final ballot for Wednesday, April 26.

Food + Drink: There will be several food options included but it will not be a full dinner. Appetizers and drinks will be provided including chicken skewers, beef sliders, fruit and veggie options, and desserts. Drinks include soda, water, and Shirley Temples. Keep an eye out for an article in the April 1 issue of The Armijo Signal about some local restaurants for dinner before the event.

Juniors and seniors can go to prom, but if they are bringing a guest from outside school, they need to have them fill out a guest bid. The guest ticket and the Armijo students tickets NEED TO BE BOUGHT AT THE SAME TIME. The treasurer will not accept any purchasing of guest tickets after the Armijo students bid has been turned in and purchased. Sophomores can also go to prom if they are accompanied by an upperclassman.

What will deny a Dance Bid? —

1) If you have been suspended for fighting/violence

2) If you have 3 F’s (this can be fixed at the next grading period)

3) If you have 25 attendance code violations (Tardies, Unexcused Absences, Leave Early) in the first six weeks, but this can be fixed in the 2nd 6 weeks. Show improvement and resubmit the bids on April 23 (the last week before prom) for consideration.