How he became a coach

Coach Focus: Coach Ascher – tennis


Photo by Dmitry Osipenko on Unsplash

Success comes after years of playing, coaching.

Coach Adam Ascher has been coaching both the boys’ and the girls’ tennis teams at Armijo for several years, but he started his coaching career with youth soccer.

One of his goals in the last couple of years has been to rebuild his team after the pandemic. “Our tennis teams have been greatly impacted by COVID-19,” he said in a 2022 interview. “There haven’t been as many tennis players coming out to play.” This has taken a toll on our tennis team at Armijo. As the sports teams were working their way through the recovery, there were certain protocols as to where the team played and practiced, although most of those restrictions have been lifted. This was to make the environment  safer, but since tennis is not a close contact sport, it hadn’t been that bad. 

Years ago, Coach Ascher became a tennis coach because there was a need and his son and daughter were both on the Armijo teams at the time, so he stepped up. He was familiar with the sport and had started playing when he was in high school at Will C. Wood, and said that he had had a great experience. He also was part of that school’s swim team. 

Coach Ascher is a very talented man and has achieved a lot. He said that he loves his position with all his heart. When it comes to coaching, “I highly recommend it,” he said. “Coaching is so much fun and it is very rewarding to see students enjoy the sport and improve thanks to the coach.” 

He would like to see newer facilities at Armijo, however, that would benefit the student athletes, including newer tennis courts and equipment and additional hydration stations. Although we have a few fountains across campus he wishes they were newer. 

When he isn’t  coaching, he can be found working as a general contractor. “I remodel and build homes,” he said. “I am also a landlord that rents out apartments and homes in Dixon.” 

For fun, Coach Ascher enjoys hiking, working on classic cars, and traveling. “I like to spend a lot of time with my family,” he said.