SURF’s up for Aguirre

Off-Campus Athlete -Isaac Auirre Valenzuela, soccer

While only a freshman, Isaac is already going places on the soccer field.

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While only a freshman, Isaac is already going places on the soccer field.

For Isaac Aguirre Valenzuela, playing club soccer for the Solano SURF would probably be one of the best decisions he has made. “It’s all about the passion, dedication and hard work, and the friendships and the respect you make is really cool as well,” he said. “You can take other problems you have and leave it all on the field working hard.”

Aguirre chose to go into soccer because his family loves the sport and it’s both fun and inspirational. He started playing when he was only four and has played for some indoor teams over the years, in addition to playing for Solano SURF. He traditionally plays Center-Attacking Midfielder (CAM) or Striker (ST). 

“I find it fun but I would not play it competitively,” he said. However, he did say that he would consider becoming professional soccer player, preferably in the fastest way possible. “If not, then I would go into college soccer and get scholarships,” he said.

While he does play competitively for a team, it is really just for fun and that’s why he will sometimes do it randomly in a park with friends. He also likes to play on his game console, but sometimes he just likes to sleep. 

Aguirre has two a large family with many brothers and sisters, but he is the only one to have gone to Armijo. If he could make changes to the campus, he said that he might want to change some of the classrooms or the colors of the school, but “other than that, everything’s fine.”