Hector speaks out for the family

Sibling Spotlight – The Cisneros brothers



Hector and Christopher share their last few months on campus together.

For Hector Cisneros, the best thing about having his younger brother Christopher on campus with him is that they can take care of each other. “I can check up on him more often between classes or when I see him throughout the day,” he said.

The brothers drive to school together, which saves us a lot of time, but in the years they’ve both gone to Armijo, they have never shares any classes. “I don’t think it will happen as I’m a senior now and he is a junior but it would’ve been pretty cool if we did have some classes together,” he said.

“We both actually attended different middle schools but we went to the same elementary school for about five years… we are not going to the same colleges because I’m not going to college,” said Hector. Instead, he plans to go into the Marines after he spends some time in Mexico visiting family.

Cisneros has made good use of his time at Armijo. He spent a couple of years playing football but this year he has been part of the Armijo Theatre program and will play the roles of Gomez and Lucas in the production of the Addams Family, the spring musical.

In addition to performing, Cisneros enjoys going out with friends and spending time outside in nature. He also likes to play guitar and work out at the gym

While Christopher Cisneros did not respond to the request for an interview, his older brother had an impression of something he would say. “I think my brother would say that, even though we have our ups and downs, we always have each other’s backs…I know I can always trust him with anything and, if he ever needs me for anything, I will always be here.”