Mark your calendar to be entertained

Weekends March 17 – April 1 at 7:30 pm


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This spring Armijo Theatre Productions presents The Addams Family Musical! It’s going to be held in the Armijo cafetorium starting at 7:30 pm. Ticket pricing is $12 for General Admission and $10 dollars for Students (w/ID) or Children.

Everyone is welcome to come watch and support the theater program. “Musicals are really fun because it’s a way to see your friends and family do singing and dancing and acting and stuff that you normally wouldn’t see them do on a day to day basis and just as an audience member in general it’s fun to watch a musical because they take life to the extreme,” said Ms. Sheena Beeson, the director or the performance and the teacher of both Theater and Fun & Fit Dance.

The show will be double cast, with two different types of casts this year; moon and tango. Moon cast is performing on March 18, 24, 30 and 31 with Christian Jeric Jason Ordonez starring as Gomez and Brenda Alcala Ruiz as Morticia. Tango cast is opening on March 17, 25 and closing on April 1 with Hector Cisneros as Gomez and Olivia Mauk as Morticia.

This musical is based around the Addams family characters and the story follows Wednesday who is now a young adult and has fallen in love with a ‘normie’ named Lucas Beineke. He is someone who is not odd, quirky and dark, like her family, but they want their families to meet because they are interested in getting married. “So the story is all about one night where their families are going to meet for dinner and the stresses that come along with that,” said Ms. Beeson.

Working with Ms. Beeson is Avion Taito, who graduated from Armijo in 2018. He helps in assisting in directing and choreographing with the musical. Mr. Matt Davis and Mr. Tom Newman, the Woods and Welding teachers respectively, have also helped with some technical design for the show, and a whole crew of students have been helping with all the backstage stuff.

In addition to the helpful creative crew this year, Armijo Theatre Productions (ATP) has Supporters of Performing Arts (SOPA), a network of parents, alumni, friends, and family who are interested in supporting Armijo’s Little Theatre program. They occasionally help with buying costumes or donating concessions.

Last year’s musical was really bright, silly and cheery and a little bit more realistic. Although this year’s musical is more like a caricature, it is still a comedy but be prepared for some dark humor.