Want to check out a book?


Solano County Library

If you find a book you want to read, the library is the perfect place to find a physical or digital copy of it.

Olivia Rubio, Staff writer

Have you visited your local library recently? Fairfield and Suisun City both have public spaces where individuals can gather. While there are classes, computers, and a variety of other things to enjoy at the library, the primary reason people visit is the books. While students have been checking books out for generations, some students have not gone through the process in high school. There are a few steps required with the process.

Both local libraries have books, of course, but they also have CDs, DVDs, and even the latest with their magazines and newspapers.

In order to be able to check out anything, if you are not a student you will need a library card. Library cards are free throughout California, and once you get one, your account will be created. When a patron finds an item to borrow, the card will be scanned at the front desk and the borrowed items belong to the patron for three weeks. To make things easier for students, instead of a physical library card, a student ID can be used for the same purpose.

After the three-week loan, patrons can return the borrowed items or they can renew their loans for up to nine weeks, so long as no one else is waiting for the item, but if the item is returned damaged, the patron will need to pay for the cost.

For those who can’t go in person, e-books are also available online and can be checked out through the library’s website at https://solanolibrary.com/catalog/. Reading a book from a phone or tablet can also make it easier to carry it around.