First game brings Royals to the top

11 – 4 (1-0 in League)


Photo by Stephan Rothe on Unsplash

Armijo gave Wood the Royal treatment in the first Badminton game of the season.

Coach Megan Flores, Asst. Badminton Coach

It was a great first game for Badminton’s new Head Coach Lesenda Flores who Coach Megan Flores is assisting this year. There was some great play by both teams, the Royals and the Will C. Wood Wildcats, and some outstanding teamwork by several brand new faces.

Last year  the majority of the Royals graduated after winning League, so there is a have a whole new Varsity ladder. The new and returning players this year are ready to battle and keep that top spot again.


Kaden Vang v. Alexza Ojedo (21-10, 21-8) W

Sharon Vuong v. Adamari Herrera (21-10, 22-20) W

Ally Weston v. Valerie Jimenez (21-13, 21-6) W

Erin Cruz v. Jemena Roque (15-21, 16-21) L

Leslie Silva v. Kyra Lee (13-21, 21-11, 15-21) L

Carisma Carrion v. Purvia Ganatra (21-18, 21-18)

Ashley Caaleaman v. Alani Hays-Henry (12-21, 21-23) L

Rianne Rivera v. Justine Gutierrez (21-15, 16-21, 21-17) W


Sharon Vuong & Kaden Vang v. Alexza Ojedo & Jemena Rogue (21-12, 21-17) W

Ally Weston & Ashley Caaleaman v. Kyra Lee & Alani Hays-Henry (18-21, 22-20) L

Rianne Rivera & Leslie Silva v. Valerie Jimenez & Adamari Herrera (21-10, 21-14) W

Erin Cruz & Carsima Carrion v. Fatima Manano & Purvi Gantra (21-12, 21-16) W

Aaliyah Watson and Gabby Magat v. Eaint Do & Danielle Cessena (21-16, 21-18) W

Anne Aguilar & Alayna Gates v. Kimberly Landavede & Muskan Dhahl (21-18, 21-15) W

Bella Aweau & Gaby Mendez v. Jada Boanas & Betzaida Gutierrez (21-16, 21-17) W

Next week, the Armijo Royals face the Rodriguez Mustangs on the court.