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In This Class – ChemEarth


Camila Suarez Baez

Mr. Smith demonstrates one of the class’s projects.

Students who want to earn either their “d” or their “g” requirement in the A-G courses have the option of taking Chemistry in the Earth Systems (6582), and that course is offered at Armijo as well as at Fairfield, Rodriguez and the Public Safety Academy (PSA).

The course is open to students who have completed The Living Earth Bio class and provides them with the Physical Science requirement necessary.

According to the course catalog, “Chemistry in the Earth Systems is a course that focuses on chemistry, shaping the Earth, the cycling of energy and matter, and how human impact affects climate change. This course will also include the science and engineering practices aligned to the NGSS framework. Students will improve their problem solving skills, analyze and interpret data, and communication in order to understand the interconnectedness of the scientific topics covered throughout the year.”

An Honors level course is also offered to students who took The Living Earth Bio Honors class. Because it is considered an Honors class, the expectations go above and beyond the regular class. The Course Catalog shares that “this course demands increased critical thinking and problem solving skills in labs and other activities.”

Chemistry in the Earth Systems, commonly referred to as ChemEarth, is taught by Mr. Daniel Smith, Mr. Brandon Weyandt, and Mr. Mike Wilson.