Their names were inspired by flowers

All in a Name – A Lily by any other name


DeMauriae Ross

Lily Kim is one of many at Armijo, but one of only a handful with a conventional spelling.

Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.” That may be the case, but there are no Rose’s at Armijo. Instead, the school is filled with lilies, although they don’t always spell their name the same way.

One girl who spells her name in the traditional way is Lily Kim, but the flowers in her family don’t stop there. “My sister is named Violet, which is also a flower,” she said. The family chose this name because it was already in the family “and appears in the Bible.”

Kim said that there are a couple of cute nicknames for her and her sister. “My uncle calls me ‘Calla Lily’ and my sister ‘Ultra Violet’ as a joke,” she said.

Kim has met a few other people who share her first name through sports and other extra-curricular activities. She also shares her first and last name with multiple newscasters and actresses, although she has yet to meet any of them.

Violet and their younger brother are Armijo-bound within the next four years, but right now Kim is the only member of her family here. She hopes to find her way to UC Berkeley when she graduates from Armijo, but right now she is making her mark on campus as a tennis playing freshman.

Some other girls at Armijo whose name is pronounced Lily include seniors Liley Brewster, Lilly Fenn and Lily Real. There are also several students named Lillian who use the nickname.