Always there for each other no matter what

Sibling Spotlight (Esmeralda & Valeria Avina Barajas)

Esmerelda ‘Esme’ Avina Barajas and her sister Valeria are really close. Esme is a senior while Valeria is just starting out at Armijo as a freshman. While they are closer now that they are both in high school, Esme still takes care of Valeria’s needs and Valeria feels she can now open up to Esme, now that they’re closer in age.

In class, Esmeralda can focus on things other than family. (DeMauriae Ross )

The sisters love doing their favorite activities together, including going on trips to Lake Tahoe during the winter where they can have snowball fights with her family.

Valeria looks up to her sister and shares a lot of things with her. (DeMauriae Ross )

One of their favorite childhood memories is going to swimming pools together with their cousins, eating sandwiches, and having water balloon fights till the sun went down. They also enjoy going to their favorite restaurants together.

While they have a lot in common, they still have their own unique tastes in snacks and music, although they don’t mind sharing what they like. While they like to go out together and enjoy themselves, Valeria claims that Esme always takes the longest to get ready. Esme admitted that they argue here and there, but they always end up talking by the end of the day, because it’s never that serious.