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Club Focus – Garden Club

The Garden Club is looking for new members to help grow Armijo

The Garden Club is looking for new members to help grow Armijo

Jacen Hansbrow, Staff Writer

The Garden Club, also known as “Lettuce Grow,” meets every Thursday at lunch, either in the garden itself or in F-5. Anyone can join by attending a meeting and talking to the club adviser, Ms. Sylvia Herrera.

Weather and crop cycles help determine what the club members do from week to week. “We usually plan events, perform maintenance on the garden, or harvest and plant crops,” Ms. Herrera said. “We’ve done Valentine’s events, Black History Month events, Earth Day events and other events along those lines.”

For Earth Day last April, and for many of the other holidays, Lettuce Grow hosted educational and fun games and gave out prizes, like seed packets, to get people interested in gardening.

The club started at the same time that the school garden was established, in 2018, but after the pandemic it has been growing more slowly than Ms. Herrera would like. “It’s really easy {running the club} right now because we only have a few members at the moment, but we hope for more to join soon,” she said.

The current crops include tomatoes, zucchini and carrots, although warmer temperatures will bring opportunities to tend to more flowering plants and spring vegetables.