Staying fit has never been so easy

In This Class – PE

Staying fit has never been so easy

While Physical Education (PE) is a requirement for graduation, and most students take standard PE at their specific grade level, there are some alternative classes offered at the different schools that many people are unfamiliar with.

Rodriguez offers a course called Dance Composition and Performance as well as a class called Fit for Life. They also have a class for upperclassmen known as Sports for Life for students with advanced levels of skills and a desire to be fit.

According to the Course Catalog, Fairfield High School allows students to take a class called Physical Education Pageantry Dance. Students at Fairfield can also take Physical Education Team Sports Advanced for one or both semesters each year.

Upperclassmen at Matt Garcia, Rodriguez and Sem Yeto can enroll in Physical Education 11/12, while juniors and seniors at Armijo, Fairfield and Sem Yeto can take Physical Education General Activities.

Like the counterparts for younger students – Core 9 and Core 10 Physical Education – these classes can meet the standards for school and state requirements of PE in high school. In the Core classes, students develop and increase their level and variety of physical education activities. “Students achieve a level of physical fitness for health and performance while demonstrating knowledge of fitness concepts, principals, and strategies,” according to the Course Catalog.

There are two other PE courses that are offered at Armijo, Fairfield and Rodriguez, and each focuses on a particular audience. Alternative Physical Education, also known as Adaptive PE, “is provided for students who are recuperating from physical disabilities and for physically handicapped students. Students must have doctor, parent, school nurse and special education recommendation,” reads the Course Catalog.

Fun and Fit Dance, which can be taken in either junior or senior year, fulfills the requirement for a second year of PE. “Fun and Fit Dance is designed to apply dance and exercise for the pursuit of individual excellence, lifelong health and fun times!” the description in the Course Catalog says. “Students will apply previously learned skills and knowledge to new and more advanced forms of dance and exercise.”

With the variety of courses offered beyond the minimum requirements, and with the added benefits of health and activity, taking PE as an elective sounds like a great way to incorporate activity into day-to-day life.