Lots of familiar music in this collection

CD Review – Diamonds by Elton John



Commit yourself to hours of classic tunes.

Award-winner Elton John is a British singer, producer, pianist and composer whose records have sold over 300 million copies. His signature look is his extravagant sunglasses and gap-toothed grin. He composed several songs for The Lion King, a 1994 animated Disney film, including Circle of Life, I Just Can´t Wait to be King, Can You Feel the Love Tonight? and Be Prepared.

I listened to his 2017 Diamonds (Deluxe) album which has 54 songs and runs 155 minutes and 47 seconds. All of the songs from the album were remastered, which means the improvement of sound quality with songs ranging from 1970 to 2016.

Elton John writes most of his songs, but also gets many songs from songwriter Bernard John Taupin. Many of his songs sounded familiar when I realized that they have been featured in a variety of different movies.

Track 15 Don´t Go Breaking My Heart was in hit movie Shrek, Rocket Man was featured in the computer-animated romantic comedy Gnomeo and Juliet, and I’m Still Standing was covered by Taron Egerton in Sing.

Overall, I enjoyed the album. Elton John did an excellent job hitting different emotions and feelings. Most of his songs made me want to get out of my seat and sing out loud or even get the day started off right on a cozy Sunday morning. I would recommend this album to those who are old souls at heart and enjoy oldies music, pop music, rock and glam rock, or even those who want to expand their music taste and appreciate a legend.

Let us know in the comments what songs you recognize and what movie the song was in.