Art Club is a true jewel at Armijo

Club Focus – Art Club


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Color is the attraction in Art and other areas.

Abril Tellez Tamayo, Elections Editor

Every Monday, the Art Club meets up during lunch in AC- 1. Ms. Maria Geluz is the club advisor and Mahri Tiemann is the club president. “The purpose of the club is to get students engaged with art and do art projects and also do things for the community and we will see if we can help them but really just learning and enjoying art” said Ms. Geluz.

She is currently looking into an organization called The Memory Project, where the club members get to draw self-portraits for kids who have gone through hardships such as substantial challenges, neglect, abuse, loss of parents and extreme poverty.

This year, the Art Club has already helped Leadership by participating in Haunted Halls for Halloween, and Deck the Halls for Christmas. They’ve also made greeting cards for veterans in honor of Veterans’ Day in November.

The Art Club has also collaborated with the Gardening Club, Lettuce Grow, to create some art work that can be sees by the garden on your way to class.

The club mostly likes to focus on learning about different artists and techniques. “The kids get to be creative in a lot of different ways and I think all the clubs are great on campus and they get to be creative but I think the students that we have and the things that they can do makes the club unique,” said Ms. Geluz.

“Anybody who wants to collaborate with us is welcome,” she said.