Gemstones make great names

All in a Name – Ruby

As a freshman, Ruby truly shines at Armijo HIgh School.

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As a freshman, Ruby truly shines at Armijo HIgh School.

While everyone’s name makes them special, Ruby Velasquez Ramirez’s name really sparkles.

As a freshman, Velasquez enjoys playing basketball. She has played on one team or another for the past three years and loves the experience. She also enjoys painting and listening to music.

Fifteen years ago, Velasquez’s her parents named her Ruby because it suited her and was a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. A ruby is a gem or birthstone for July; the name is derived from the Latin word ruber, meaning “red” – the color of love and passion. The stone also means deep red precious stone.

Velazquez once met another girl named Ruby. “It was really funny and confusing having two Ruby’s in the same room,” she said, but if she had the chance to change her name she said that she wouldn’t. She would keep it because it suits her and she loves it.

Ruby isn’t our only Ruby at Armijo. CJ “Ruby” White is a sophomore and three students – Angelica Campos Farjat, Genesis Dubon, and Irene Palayo – have Ruby as a middle name. Each of these five gems is scheduled to graduate in either 2025 or 2026.

Velasquez is not the only jewel in her family. She and her twin sister Esmeralda have so much in common. Both were named for a sparkling gemstone. They were born on February 29 and, although they will not be celebrating that particular date until 2024, this year they are going to share their quinceañera in March.