Volunteering, a source of happiness

Volunteer Ashai Foster-Edwards – fire station

Ashai has discovered a variety of volunteer opportunitites.

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Ashai has discovered a variety of volunteer opportunitites.

Ashai Foster-Edwards started volunteering in a variety of places for CAS hours in the IB program.

CAS stands for Community, Activity, Service and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program requires 150 hours during the last two years of high school. This is a worldwide requirement and students sometimes struggle to find places that they can serve, but not Foster-Edwards.

She doesn’t volunteer at a specific place, but if there is a place she can volunteer, she will do it. She thinks that volunteering is a way to get out and communicate with people you don’t know.

She has volunteered at a few places but not many. One of her experiences was volunteering at the fire station, giving out toys to children and clothes to the homeless. She also volunteers at school because she knows her friends are here and that she doesn’t have to do too much to earn her hours. She helps her teachers and helps around the school.

Volunteering can come in many forms and Foster-Edwards has her own definition for what can earn her some of her CAS hours. “Volunteering depends on what it is and what you do,” she said. “I think it will make you happy.”