A step in the right direction

At Work – Ineise White (Burger King)

The first job is a door to the future.

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The first job is a door to the future.

For Ineise White, working at Burger King has been an opportunity to learn some experience as well as some income.

White wanted a job because she wanted to learn work experience, and she thought that a traditional fast food setting like Burger King would be a good fit for a first job.

While White has been at the job for over half a year, she isn’t sure how much longer she should stay. She’s learned a lot of what the job has to offer and is seeking a chance to get some other experience.

When she finds another job, White hopes to develop better leadership skills in the new position, but she’s already learned some. She said that a lot goes on at Burger King no matter what position an employee has, so it is best to go to work prepared for any and everything.

One of the challenges that White has faced is dealing with rude customers, so she tries to always display good manners. “It’s never best to fight fire with fire and it makes the problem worse,” she said. Instead, she feels that it’s better to just do things professionally.

At Burger King, much of the time White works as a cashier, which involves more than just taking the money. This meant that there was a lot more to do than she expected at first, but she was still able to handle most situations better than many of her shift leaders.

After this experience, White feels that she has the confidence to take on higher positions.